Chelsea v Manchester United – Capital One Cup Football Tickets

Roberto di Matteo, Manager Chelsea

Chelsea v Manchester United – Capital One Cup Football Tickets

Chelsea’s new boss Robert Di Matteo was angry after his side was defeated 2-3 by Manchester United on Sunday.

After the match, Chelsea have 22 points from 9 nine games while Manchester United are in second, just one point back. Manchester City are third with 21 points.

The Blues will have a chance to get revenge on Wednesday in their mouth-watering clash with United.

Fernando Torres and Ivanovic will both miss the match as they serve one-match suspensions.

The Torres’ controversial red card in the 68th minute that left Chelsea to nine men and the controversial goal by Javier Hernandez seven minutes later were major set-backs for di Matteo’s men.

Di Matteo remarked that officials “ruined” the game that caused Premiership leaders Chelsea to lose their first game of the season.

“It’s quite obvious in the eyes of everybody that the second yellow for Fernando wasn’t one, it was a foul for us, he should have booked Evans and the decisive goal was offside. It’s a shame the game has to be decided in that manner by the officials,” said Di Matteo.

“Whatever Ferguson says, it was a foul in our favor and Fernando put the ball between Evans’s legs, was through and was kicked on the shin and went down. It’s a foul and a booking for the other player, not for our player.”

“We’re massively disappointed that these key decisions were wrong it always seems to be in favor of the opposition and it’s a massive disadvantage for us. At 2-2 we looked like the team that were probably going to win the game so it’s a shame. It was a good game of football with two good teams and the officials ruined it.

“They are under a lot of pressure and they have to be able to deal with it. Key decisions have to be right for any team and you don’t want the referees to be a big influence. Let the teams play a good game of football against each other. That’s what everyone wants,” he added.

United boss, Sir Alex Ferguson said that Torres deserved the second yellow card and also to be sent off.

“Torres could have gone on and he didn’t. I think Jonny may have caught him just a little but you can carry on running and he chose to go down,” Ferguson told reporters after the match.

“When I was a player, I would never have missed the chance to go through. I would have taken that opportunity to score every time,” he added.

“But he’s gone down and that is the issue. And he’s already been booked, so it’s his own fault.”

“At the time I didn’t feel I made any contact but I’ve seen it again and I made a bit of contact – but not enough to bring him down,” said Jonny Evans after the match.

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