Chelsea’s Fernando Torres Scores 200th Career Goal

Fernando Torres

Estados Unidos 0-4 España (04-06-11) Gillette Stadium, Boston

Chelsea striker, Fernando Torres scored his 200th career goal at Gillette Stadium in Boston, Mass – giving Spain a 4-0 victory over the United States National Team.

Fernando Torres scored the final goal of the match less than 30 minutes after entering the match at halftime – it was his 25th goal for Spain.

Said Torres, “it’s always nice to score.”

“I think we have to be happy, over all because the way of facing the match. It could seem that given that we are at the end of the season players would be focused on the holidays and could be relaxed, but we have felt very comfortable against a rival – we were eager to win and from the beginning it has been clear that Spain was leading the match and that the goals would arrive. Pleased with the result, with the goal, with the image of the team and we only have one match left and then we can rest.

“We were never afraid. It’s clear that after the bad results in Argentina and Portugal there won’t be any more friendly match for the National Team. We will play the Euro Cup in one year, so each match is important and you can get conclusions of it.”

“Good. It’s always nice to score, so that on that side I’m pleased too.”

“This year I’ve got a lot of conclusions, I’ve seen a lot of things behind the game that I didn’t like. At a personal-sports level it hasn’t been my best year, but now I will get a good rest and next season I’m sure it will be very different.”

“I think that the team’s attitude and the relations have been seen on the pitch, they are still the same. At the get-together is also the same, that’s a media issue, not ours. The relations are the same as they were and those are issues that you won’t note on the pitch.”

When asked to compare how Americans play soccer compared to Europeans, Torres replied.

“It’s very nice, something we have to learn in Europe. It’s a way of enjoying, everything about any sport here is a show, that way it arrives to all the world and it’s maybe a different form of living it – which we have to learn.”

Venezuela 0-3 España at Antonio Anzotegui Stadium 07-06-11 22:30.

David Villa, Xabi Alonso and Pedro Rodriguez scored for World Cup and European champion Spain in a 3-0 win over Venezuela in an international friendly on Tuesday.

Villa scored after only five minutes from a free kick. Pedro Rodriguez scored in the 20th minute and Alonso added another in first-half stoppage time.

It was Spain’s second victory in three days.


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