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Ashley Cole

Chelsea has been winning – beating Manchester United 2-1.

Surrey police have visited Chelsea’s training ground in Cobham as part of their investigation into the accidental shooting of a 21-year-old student with a pellet gun by Ashley Cole.

Cole has apologised privately to Cowan but has not yet issued a public apology.

Police are yet to say whether Cole will face charges.

Chelsea manager, Carlo Ancelotti, said he had no idea the player had brought the gun into the training ground, and he has not considered sacking Cole for the offence.

“We have to support him,” he said. “It would be very different if he had not said sorry. We are really disappointed for the guy who was involved and was a victim of this.”

Reportedly Cole has been fined for the incident equal to the amount to a two-week fine, or the equivalent of £250,000.


Champions League 2009, 16 Mar 11 – 12:45 PDT
Chelsea v FC Kbh.
English Premier League, 20 Mar 11 – 09:00 PDT
Chelsea v Manchester City
English Premier League, 2 Apr 11 – 07:00 PDT
Stoke City v Chelsea
English Premier League, 9 Apr 11 – 07:00 PDT
Chelsea v Wigan
English Premier League, 16 Apr 11 – 07:00 PDT
West Bromwich v Chelsea
English Premier League, 20 Apr 11 – 11:45 PDT
Chelsea v Birmingham
English Premier League, 23 Apr 11 – 09:30 PDT
Chelsea v West Ham
English Premier League, 30 Apr 11 – 09:30 PDT
Chelsea v Tottenham

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